BPO Outfit is an investment holding company having its business interests in business process outsourcing, information technology and ICT advisory. Each of our service pillars is now represented by a structured vehicle equipped with the right business model, business management automation and state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure back-end.

Open culture environment in each business vehicle is another element that we are aggressively nurturing to promote creativity and productivity in our people. This also speak well the preferred platforms of our end-to-end ICT infrastructure to support our businesses (open source technologies). Our own infrastructure is the greatest testimonial to our in-depth expertise of the chosen technology platform.


Our Businesses

We invest strategically into ICT-related businesses and business ideas that carry a good potential of investment return.

Business Process Outsourcing

We help you adopt the new ways of working, leveraging on structured and meaningful innovations of our business process outsourcing services. We specialise in online communication and marketing services which is designed to improve your customers’ experience and your company’s bottom line by getting the right message to the right person at the right time.

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Information Technology Services

We offer our clients (be it the running enterprises and also the new start-ups) the most economical information technology solutions leveraging on the open source computing technologies. Our services ranging from system integration services, system development services (ERP System), website development services as well as on demand business apps on the cloud infrastructure.

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ICT Advisory Services

BPO Oufit’s advisory services are focused on providing expert advice and guidance to clients to identify IT improvement opportunities and IT projects that deliver business value to the clients’ organisations. We have put in place a practical approach to ICT services architecture and translating business goals into solid automation solutions.

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BPO Outfit Sdn Bhd

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