Driving businesses to the forefront with Information Technology

BPO Outfit invested heavily in building our own domain knowledge and skill set in Information Technology to support delivery of BPO services at the very competitive cost.

System Integration Services

Leverage on our past experience delivering infrastructure solution to our clients in Australia, BPO Outfit is now extending a complete range of industry-leading system integration services include consultancy, enterprise system integration, application system integration and project management of infrastructure deployment.

System Development Services

Development of multi-faceted business management systems (BMS) for enterprises on an ERP-based system platform is our core offerings. Our BMS covers end-to-end needs by enterprises ranging from apps to boost sales, run businesses, boost marketing, build stunning websites/online stores, delight employees and boost employees’ productivity. Our ERP engine could also be further manipulated to address industry-specific needs like education, oil & gas as well as product distribution businesses.

On-demand Business Apps on Cloud

On-demand Business Apps on Cloud is now a revolution that has only just reached the starting blocks. As professionals (be it as an individual or enterprises) become increasingly  time-poor and clients/customers are becoming more and more used to having access to a range of services instaneously, would demand for such offerings. Our Cloud Business Management System (Generic BMS), Industry-specific BMS and Live Chat apps will soon be the integral component for clients’ business growth.

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