The quality of our people is defined by our ability to serve our clients up to their expectations. We invest tremendous non-human resources in identifying exceptional people, developing the right skills for them as well as creating a right environment that nurtures their talents and fosters their growth as the leaders in their respective field of works.

We take a consistent approach in recruiting and developing our people, regardless of what was their level of qualifications at the initial when they join us. Most of us were there too at the beginning.



A visionary leader and meticulous in everything he undertakes. His articulation skills had become the greatest asset for accurate transformation of technology ideas into workable and profitable business services. An electro-thinker with substance in thoughts will need only 30 minutes to convince the prospects. Always executes any assignment to perfection.

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Please email our HR Dept (hr@bpooutfit.com) for further inquiry.

Khairul Anuar

Operation Manager

A people person with business in mind. He is tasked to strategically oversee and assume responsibility for all the activities in the organisation which contribute to the effective production and delivery of our business solutions and services to the clients.

Khairul Nazri

Infrastructure & Infostructure Administrator

A tech savvy infrastructure planner and troubleshooter. Very passionate about tech stuffs and everything in that domain. Is tasked to ensure the well-being and continuous enhancement of our back-end infrastructure. Building our multi-facets and end-to-end ICT infrastructure completely on open source platform is testimonial of his expertise.


Finance & Accounting Administrator

A structured and organized task executor and deals with $$$. Works diligently to get the work done. Very disciplined in handling tasks.

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We are looking for the brightest experienced professionals to refresh the globe in terms of mind, body, and spirit. We have countless of products to create and promote to billions of people everyday.

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